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Company History

Marafaa Company LTD, purpose of its establishment is to contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy and create jobs and achieve profitability in investment in the field of electronics, computers and public services trade and on different kinds .

What We Do

Trade of electronics devices, computers, electrical power devices of various kinds that allowed to deal legally of accurate devices such as automation control systems and sensing devices through the importation of goods from abroad, as well as export and barter for goods and local products to international markets, as well as display and sold. Contribute the development of Iraqi economy through the provision of public services to residential and industrial parks management and hospital services and social and sports clubs, both in official circles or semi-formal sector or the public or private sector, and to provide integrated services of business preservation, technical maintenance and administrative expertise.

Business Goals and Objectives

The basic objectives of the company are sobriety, credibility and respect time as the company operates under the motto of quality in appliances and equipment used in addition to the appropriate price to achieve good quality in our business with low cost. In addition to that the adoption of the latest technologies in the implementation of our business based on a strong and solid foundations to achieve high reliability of the company

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